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subject CreNova rewarded ORF certificate

CreNova rewarded ORF certificate

CreNova, supplier to worldwide top-tier OEMs and operators, was rewarded the ORF certification involving Irdeto secure silicon and Irdeto PVR. CreNova had been supplying ORF certified Irdeto receivers since 2010.
Funded from a combination of television license fee revenue and limited on-air advertising, ORF is the dominant player in Austrian broadcast media. The ORF television channels are broadcast terrestrially and via the satellite. Via satellite ORF eins and ORF2 are encrypted, allowing only Austrian residents who pay the Austrian television license to watch them.

About CreNova
CreNova's team, some members have over 20 years of experience in the set-top box market, is skilled in both software and hardware development.

With headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, and a branch office near Frankfurt, Germany we can react to market requirements and customer requests much faster and more efficiently.

Through the recent addition of HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) receivers to the range with an embedded browser, CreNova now covers the complete bandwidth in reception: from MPEG-4 DVB-S2, -C HD, - T2, Combo- and Twin-Versions as well as Hybrid IPTV.

Whether you choose our compact (260mm) S-Line or prefer our 280mm wide MiddleLine, whether you’re seeking Twin-Solutions or you go for our amazingly compact (195mm wide) MiniLine - You'll be surprised how many features have been "fit-in".

Don-Christian Körner, Sales Director

Metin Atalan, CEO, m.atalan@crenova.tv